Tree Climbing School for Cats

This is a little story about our bengal tomcat Timur learning how to climb trees with his friends.

It is Saturday morning and Timur our young Bengal tomcat is the only one in the family who is allowed to wake up my husband mercilessly. Meow!!!…purrrrrpurrrrpurrr….Meowwww!!!…wake up!…..purrrrrpurrrrpurrr….he
puts his nose in Husseins face….Meooow!!!…I want to go outside!!! Believe it or not my husband gets up early in the morning and goes with his tomcat to the backyard. He also
takes our Luna with him because she is already waiting impatiently at the front door. The sun is shining and all the other cats are also in the garden. When Lara comes down to the backyard she takes the cat elevator. Kerstin puts her into a basket and let her down from the balcony in the second floor. Lara comes out of the basket when it arrives on the ground. I really would like to try such an elevator too. That would be fun
surely. Lara, Tobi and Lola start to play with Timur hilariously. He is running around but Timur is also listening to his Dad. When Hussein loudly says NO , Timur immediately stops running or walking and changes his direction. So he does not follow the other cats to the neighbor backyards and he can be in the garden without a cat harness.
Timur really has much discipline for a teen Tomcat. He is eight months old and so a teenager in cat years.

All our cat house – cat children are real masters of climbing. Tobi for instance can go up to the huge birch that stands next to the stonewall in less than a minute although the first boughs are in three meters high. But Tobi can climb like a monkey and hunts for squirrels in the wide and high tree crown. Luna loves to climb the young chestnut tree. The boughs start in two meters high but for Luna this is no problem at all. Only Timur still doesn‘t know how to get up there and he gazes after Luna full of longing.
So my husband carries him on the first bough and Timur started to climb after Luna with much courage. He was getting higher and higher and Lund came down to look after his little brother and encouraged him.


Our inexperienced tomcat reached nearly the top of the tree but he didn’t try to come down. So we were really afraid that Timur would not make it and how could we get him down to the ground again. But then Luna came for help again. She started to climb down the tree and Timur did the same. He was very good in climbing down but in the last stage he was falling. He fell and cought himself fortunately in the boughs.
What an exiting adventure! I have made a little video of this



The next tree Timur used for his exercises was not so high and perfect for finding a wonderful viewing platform. So he spent much time on it and I could take a lot of nice pictures of him.


My last little tree climbing story is about Lola the mother of Luna and Lara. Lola has an injured leg since two weeks that is now slowly getting better.
On Sunday morning my husband came into the backyard with Timur and suddenly he was hearing a Meow in the chestnut tree. Lola really climbed up to it with her injured leg and she could not come down anymore. But Hussein had a really good idea how to help her. He took the camping chair that was standing under the tree and held it to Lola as a climbing help. So Lola went over the chair to the next bough and after that Hussein held it on the next place and gave Lola a magic moving stairway to come safely down to the ground.


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