Tree Climbing School for Cats

This is a little story about our bengal tomcat Timur learning how to climb trees with his friends.

It is Saturday morning and Timur our young Bengal tomcat is the only one in the family who is allowed to wake up my husband mercilessly. Meow!!!…purrrrrpurrrrpurrr….Meowwww!!!…wake up!…..purrrrrpurrrrpurrr….he
puts his nose in Husseins face….Meooow!!!…I want to go outside!!! Believe it or not my husband gets up early in the morning and goes with his tomcat to the backyard. He also
takes our Luna with him because she is already waiting impatiently at the front door. The sun is shining and all the other cats are also in the garden. When Lara comes down to the backyard she takes the cat elevator. Kerstin puts her into a basket and let her down from the balcony in the second floor. Lara comes out of the basket when it arrives on the ground. I really would like to try such an elevator too. That would be fun
surely. Lara, Tobi and Lola start to play with Timur hilariously. He is running around but Timur is also listening to his Dad. When Hussein loudly says NO , Timur immediately stops running or walking and changes his direction. So he does not follow the other cats to the neighbor backyards and he can be in the garden without a cat harness.
Timur really has much discipline for a teen Tomcat. He is eight months old and so a teenager in cat years.

All our cat house – cat children are real masters of climbing. Tobi for instance can go up to the huge birch that stands next to the stonewall in less than a minute although the first boughs are in three meters high. But Tobi can climb like a monkey and hunts for squirrels in the wide and high tree crown. Luna loves to climb the young chestnut tree. The boughs start in two meters high but for Luna this is no problem at all. Only Timur still doesn‘t know how to get up there and he gazes after Luna full of longing.
So my husband carries him on the first bough and Timur started to climb after Luna with much courage. He was getting higher and higher and Lund came down to look after his little brother and encouraged him.


Our inexperienced tomcat reached nearly the top of the tree but he didn’t try to come down. So we were really afraid that Timur would not make it and how could we get him down to the ground again. But then Luna came for help again. She started to climb down the tree and Timur did the same. He was very good in climbing down but in the last stage he was falling. He fell and cought himself fortunately in the boughs.
What an exiting adventure! I have made a little video of this



The next tree Timur used for his exercises was not so high and perfect for finding a wonderful viewing platform. So he spent much time on it and I could take a lot of nice pictures of him.


My last little tree climbing story is about Lola the mother of Luna and Lara. Lola has an injured leg since two weeks that is now slowly getting better.
On Sunday morning my husband came into the backyard with Timur and suddenly he was hearing a Meow in the chestnut tree. Lola really climbed up to it with her injured leg and she could not come down anymore. But Hussein had a really good idea how to help her. He took the camping chair that was standing under the tree and held it to Lola as a climbing help. So Lola went over the chair to the next bough and after that Hussein held it on the next place and gave Lola a magic moving stairway to come safely down to the ground.


Tigger and the snails

This is the free english translation of my former german post . A little story about a tomcat with happy end.

Tigger is a red tabby tomcat who’s home is right under the roof in a nice little apartment. He lives there together with Susanne my friend and neighbor and with Bruni an old chartreux cat. They are both house cats and never go outside. Tigger is a shy gay and he is also a little scared. But he is very curious. So Tigger loves to explore the staircase sometimes.
In summer he spends much time on the roof. Up there is his kingdom where he is the unchallenged ruler. Tomcat Tigger has also the talent to hide so perfectly that nobody ever can find him when he doesn’t want to be found. But one day this special talent was not for his good at all.
On a summer evening Susanne was looking for Tigger and could not find him. After some time she gave up and thought by herself: so or so I have no chance when he doesn’t want to be found, he will surely be back in the morning when he is hungry. But what she didn’t know, this time her poor tomcat hoped desperately that she would find him.
Susanne went to sleep and in the next morning no Tigger was anywhere to be seen. Now she was very concerned and afraid that may be he was fallen from the roof. Our house is really high with five floors. So she hurried into the backyard to look for her tomcat. Susanne searched for him all over the garden behind every tree and in every bush…he was not there. At last she went to the old external stair that leads down to the basement.
And down there in a dark nasty corner she finally found him.
Tigger had big wide eyes and didn’t move at all. He sat there like from stone and his fur was over and over covered with snails. That poor tomcat must have spent the whole night in this position, so scared that he could not move and all the snails had enough time to find a nice little place on him.
Susanne touched him very carefully and tried to find out wether he was injured. She put all the snails from his fur and took him slowly into her armes. He seemed to be alright and Susanne went with Tigger into our house. The last stair she let him down just to see wether he can move and run normally. And for her big relief he could. Like a thunderbolt he run into the apartment and first of all on the litter box.
After that he started to clean his fur and did not stop for at least two hours. The rest of the day Tigger slept in Susannes bed totally exhausted.
So the only explanation for this unwanted adventure was that he somehow came to the backyard over the staircase. Somebody has opened the door to the garden, Tigger slipped out and the door behind him was shut. And so poor Tigger had to spent all the night on a strange planet with strange noises and strange creatures.

Everyday life in our cat house

This is the translation of my german post from February 2018. ( Leipzig, Germany)

I would like to give you a little insight in the everyday life of our band of cats. Four of them are out door cats, these are Lola the mother, Luna and Lara her daughters and Tobi the adopted foundling. Every morning when we go to work and the children to school we let them go outside. Our Luna is sitting the whole morning beside the frontdoor and is looking at us with big eyes. Every three minutes she said „Miau! I want to go outside!“ Also Tobi and Lara can not wait to get outside and stand impatiently at the doors of their owners appartments. The adventure is calling every morning no matter how the weather is.
Finally I put the collar on Luna and open the door. She scampers into the staircase and waits there very patiently till we put on our shoes and till my daughter has her backpack on her shoulders and we finally start moving down stairs. After every stair she took quickly and easily she sits down and waits for us hulking humans to come. She has so much understanding and it is so touching how patiently she always is looking up to
us. At the backyard all the playmates meet and start into a new adventure. They go to the old closed Jewish cemetery that is next to our garden, because there is the new big hunting ground. We are pretty happy about that because on the cemetery are no cars and no dangers for the cats, it is quiet and safe. And next to the Jewish cemetery is another big graveyard that is a perfect place for them to conquer new territories.

Every cat belongs to someone else and so we have a What’s App group to share important cat-news all the day. So everyone of us knows wich cat is already at home or still outside or visits friends. At noon Lara and Tobi very often come to us because their owners are at work at that time. Our bengal cat Timur is so happy when his playmates are visiting him and they always have much fun together. Every day between 12.00 and 13.00 o’clock we take the cats inside for feeding and sleeping.
None of them should be forgotten and so I have sometimes four cats running around in our apartment. In the afternoon they go outside again and stay there till the evening. It is easy to get them in at night because we only have to rattle with the keys or the goodie box and they come running. Only Lola is a night hunter, she is roaming around outside the whole night and comes home in the morning. Then she sleeps all the day long till the next evening.

Today it is very cold. The thermometer shows 10 degrees below zero. But how can we explain that to our cats ? They of course insist on going out. So they have to find out by themselves how uncomfortable it is in this terrible could outside.
Just now came a new What’sApp massage: „ Tobi slipped in to the staircase. May be he found it to cold after all.“
He slipped into our staircase and not into the house of his family but of course he is welcome here. The next massage was:„ Tobi is visiting Lola now.“ and a picture with the two. So we all are perfectly informed.



Not long after Tobi who warmed up and went out again Lara came running and slipped into the staircase. Also Lara actually lives in the neighbor house. So they had a flying change and it was Laras turn to warm up at her mother Lola.

1 LaraundLola