The House full of cats – About us

In this Blog everything ist about our unusual cat family. The big family consists of humans and cats, neighbors and friends. We all live in two apartment buildings that stand next to each other in Leipzig , Germany. And of course we all have one or more cats. Not long ago cats didn’t play any role in our live because we didn’t have some at all. And we couldn’t imagine that one day this would change.
But in summer 2016 a beautiful little cat lady named Lola came into our life. She belonged to a neighbor family and she brought the happiness in our houses in the form of herself of course and in the form of lovely little kittens.
In our houses live nine cats at the moment. Four of them are house cats and five are freed Cats. They roam around our backyards and the graveyards that are next to them, play together and are cared for by all of us.
Also a Bengal Cat belongs to that colorful troupe . He can not play alone outside but his friends visit him every day. You can imagine that it will never be boring with so many cats in the middle of a big city and a lot of funny and exiting things happen nearly every day. And that’s why I began to write this blog and everybody who likes can enjoy the adventures of our crazy cat family. I will translate all my german posts into english.
I also wrote and published a book about the exiting first year with Lola, her Babies and all the new cats but it is only in German available.


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